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East London, 22 September 2011
Certification Ceremony for the Learners living with disabilities within the ECDOH Provincial Shared Contact Centre


The Honorable MEC for Health, Mr S. Gqobana was adressing more than 2000 deligates of health managers in River Park Church ministries, East London on 22 February 2011.The purpose of the summit is a realization of a dream for the DOH district health management and the facilitators to share experiences and best practices on improving service delivery bottle necks in the seven health Districts. . ..... ... .. . . . ...Read More

Innovation and Knowledge Management (IKM )SEMINAR

For the first time, under the coordination of Mr. Ntlube; the Department of Health in collaboration with the Office of the Premier held a seminar for the IKM Champions within the Department of Health at the Regent Hotel on the 30 September 2009. These champions are officials from different units within the department that has specialties in their areas of

work. ..... ... .. . . . ...Read More

Opening and the Lauch of the ECDoH Shared Contact Center

Eastern Cape Department of Health’s MEC, Ms Pemmy Majoring launched the 24 hour Call Centre Systems Integration and Service Catalogue, at the Buffalo Park Cricket Club in East London on Monday

November 24th 2008.. ..... ... .. . . . .......Read More

Shared contact center is the face of the Eastern Cape Department of Health to all its customers and stakeholders. "Your one stop shop for your health care needs" ................................... Read More


The Contact center has a great vision for the Eastern Cape Community .

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